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The Ultimate Systemic System

Intensive animal production is a cornerstone industry due to society having the ability to feed a growing population on less and less available and viable agricultural land.

But what comes with intensive livestock production is the scrutiny to ensure the animals are managed in a comfortable, safe, clean environment and that a facilities waste is managed in a sustainable manner and the external environment is not adversely effected. All are the challenges for intensive livestock businesses to be successful.

One avenue to assist the intensive livestock industry and your business to meet such challenges, is to establish an optimal Animal & Environment Care Program. Our Ecological Animal & Environmental Care Program is built on our unparalleled performance in odour elimination and in enhancing the breakdown of animal’s wastes and organic sludge on a highly accelerated basis.

The Ecological Animal & Environmental Care Program is a simple two-step process:

1. EcoSystem Plus™ (ESP™)

Apply EcoSystem Plus™ (ESP™) at high dilutions either through CIP, high pressure sprayer, fogging systems or manually applied. Approved by HACCP and APVMA.

This treatment not only treats the initial site, but has a systemic effect through your facility right down to your lagoons. You are creating a non-toxic, high DO, soluble effluent.

2. Quiet Line™ & Solaer™ - Subsurface Aeration

To accelerate the breakdown process from ESP™ we utilise our Quiet Line subsurface aeration systems in your effluent lagoons.

Combining the highly efficient sub surface aeration process with ESP™ we increase dissolved oxygen of the water and expose sludge to a large population of microorganisms which rapidly enhances the breakdown of accumulated organic sludge.

The ESP™ Technology In Agribusiness

ESP™ is Organocatalyst Technology. Organocatalyst’s are not enzymes, though they may perform a similar role but are not limited by environmental conditions as enzymes are (pH, DO, EC & Temperature).

The organic catalysis mechanism aided by a unique microbubble feature converts waste into a soluble liquid for rapid microbe consumption. Whilst not an oxidizing agent, the microbubble’s transfer available oxygen to biological and chemical oxidation processes.

ESP™ breaks down organic waste, biofilm and sludge that clog pipes and accumulates in lagoons. This results in an odour free facility increasing animal and staff safety and reducing cleaning and maintenance.

The systemic effect of the mechanisms in the processing leads to a non-toxic, high DO, soluble effluent entering the wastewater and or anaerobic digester system. Large savings are usual on energy and chemical reduction.

Quiet Line™ & Solaer™ Subsurface Aerators offer a combination of innovative features. We offer 240 volt or solaer aerator options to suit your needs. Far quieter, deliver higher oxygen levels and expose sludge to a large population of anoxic microbes which rapidly consume sludge, decrease offensive odours and improve your overall water quality.

These Subsurface Aerators systems deliver oxygen in a far more energy efficient manner in comparison to surface aerators.



  • Instant neutralization of odors on contact
  • Accelerated composting rates
  • Improved quality of compost
  • Higher turnover of compost
  • Reduced cost in operations


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