Improvement of Aquaculture Operations

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Our Organocatalyst Technology - BOC's improves water quality, clarity, reduces chemical usage, and improves fish mortality in aquaculture operations. The BOC water treatment product line offers a powerful broad spectrum bio-catalyst that significantly accelerates the natural biological degradation rate of organic waste by up to 1000 times, and provides very high oxygen transfer characteristics, and accumulation of greater dissolved oxygen in water bodies.

Benefits for hatcheries and ponds include:

  • Improved available dissolved oxygen
  • Biological reduction of sulfides, ammonia, phosphorus and nitrite
  • Reduced environmental stress on stocks
  • Reduced turbidity
  • Reduced / eliminated phytoplankton growth
  • Oil and grease eliminated
  • PH regulated
  • Reduced bacterial growth (Enhanced bio-security)
  • Cleaner tanks / filters / reducing maintenance
  • Reduces energy consumption (aeration system)
  • Odor Control
  • Beneficial to Recalculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
  • Breaks Down Organic Binders & Mineralization


Increase Dissolved Oxygen In Your Pomds

View this video highlighting the ability of BOC's - Organocatalyst Technology, to Increase Waters Dissolved Oxygen Levels  

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