It's All About Your Water

Our solutions to industry issues and the product technology driving them are solely focused on water.  The clarification, cleanness, quality, manageability & usability of your water is our sole goal.    

Cleaning - Aerating - Filtering

Cleaning - Aerating - Filtering Water Is What We Do For You

BOC's (bio-organic catalysts) are organic  liquids classified as Organocatalyst. Organocatalyst's are defined as  organic compounds other than enzymes that perform in similar though non  limiting ways.

In our offerings case, producing a broad based, non-specific, organic catalysis mechanism uniquely including a high gas transfer function.

The products are not oxidizing agents in themselves, but catalyse the  transfer of oxygen to biological and chemical oxidation processes when  oxygen is supplied by water, air and/or chemicals.


Subsurface Aeration through Quiet Line™ & Solaer™ accelerate the breakdown process from BOC's in your effluent lagoons, dams, lakes and large tanks.

Combining the highly efficient sub surface aeration process with ESP™ we increase dissolved oxygen of the water and expose sludge to a large population of microorganisms which rapidly enhances the breakdown of accumulated organic sludge.


The Ecofinity Filter is the ultimate chemical free, electricity free, operator free, bore water filtration system. Combining a range of innovative features, the Ecofinity Filter  removes all iron and reduces manganese, dissolved gases and suspended  solids. Through automatic filtration, back washing and a discharge cycle  there is no requirement for an operator.


Product Technology

BOC - Organocatalyst Technology

BOC - Organocatalyst Technology

BOC - Organocatalyst Technology


                 EcoSystem Plus™

EcoSystem Plus™ rapidly lifts dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water columns and breaks down organic waste into soluble forms.

This accelerates the biological oxidation-reduction rates of wastewater treatment, and substantially improves water discharge quality while reducing odour-causing  concentrations of hydrogen sulphide.

Anerobic digestion is improved  increasing bio-methane yields and quality of bio-solids.

EcoSystem Plus™ contains no hazardous or dangerous parts — it is environmentally harmless.

EcoSystem Plus™ contains no live bacteria improving shelf-life and ease of use. 

It's microbubble technology rapidly increases oxygen  availability and transfer, and bio-catalysts release bound-up nutrients  to stimulate naturally occurring microorganisms. 

Cost benefits can be substantial. Synergistic improvements to biological processes can cut energy costs from 15-25%.

Less H2S & bio-film directly reduces equipment and asset corrosion, cutting maintenance requirements.

Plus the improvements in odour improves  OH&S compliance while reducing the chance of external complaints  about noxious odours.

EcoSystem Plus™ powerfully and effectively:

  • Oxygen transfer
  • Methane yields from anaerobic digestion
  • Aeration energy consumption
  • Reduces solids and sludge volumes

Major industrial uses:

  • Wastewater treatment and clarification
  • Agriculture and food processing plants
  • Bio-film eradication and odour control

In-the-field results:

  • Energy costs down 15% to 30%
  • Sludge volumes 10% to 25% lower
  • H2S concentrations below 2ppm

Method of application:

  • Operators can inject EcoSystem  Plus™ directly into water bodies, aeration devices, and sludge lines, as  it is a highly concentrated composition.
  • Aeration systems
  • Sludge feed lines
  • Chemical injection pumps

Aeration Systems

BOC - Organocatalyst Technology

BOC - Organocatalyst Technology


     Quiet Line™ and Solaer™ Aeration

Improve water quality and break down organic sludge.

Our subsurface aeration systems expose sludge to a large population  of anoxic microorganisms which rapidly consume sludge and improves your  overall water quality. We offer 230 volt or solar aerator options to suit your needs. 

Aeration Benefit

SB-1 Solaer

Combining a range of innovative features, the 

Quiet Line™ and Solaer™ aerators:

  • Improve dissolved oxygen
  • Reduce bottom sludge
  • Decrease offensive odours
  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance water clarity
  • Creates proper conditions to grow & maintain large populations of beneficial microbes

Quiet Line™ and Solaer™ features:

  • Acoustical sound proof foam
  • 0.37 kW gast rocking piston compressor (Quiet Line™)
  • 24V brushless DC eco flow compressor (Solaer™)
  • Programmable timer for automatic on/off functionality
  • High volume cooling blower
  • Adjustable manifold for control of oxygen
  • Self-cleaning, non-clogging, duraplate™, diffusers (no maintenance) 


Ideal solution for:

  • Increasing & maintaining dissolved oxygen
  • Decreasing electricity costs
  • Reducing organic sludge

Ecofinity Filters

BOC - Organocatalyst Technology

Ecofinity Filters


Ecofinity Iron Removal Filters 

The Ecofinity Filter is the ultimate chemical free, electricity free, operator free, borewater filtration system.

The Ecofinity Filter  removes all iron and reduces manganese, dissolved gases and suspended  solids. Through automatic filtration, backwashing and a discharge cycle  there is no requirement for an operator.

The filter is driven by hydrostatic pressure from the bore / water  pump so there are no running costs and no electricity. As there are no  valves or moving parts there is no ongoing maintenance.

Operational Conditions

  • Best when Alkalinity > 50mg/L
  • Feed water pressure at ground level of 450kPa
  • Backwash consumes between 0.5% and 3% of the total water volume
  • Duration of backwash is between 75-240 seconds
  • Polypropylene filtration media never needs replacing
  • Aerator needs periodic cleaning bi-annually
  • Modes of operation either continuous or periodic
  • System is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Complete kit and guides for installation and commissioning
  • Performance guarantee available
  • Financing available


Ecofinity Filters effectively:

  • Remove all iron
  • Reduce manganese
  • Reduce dissolved gases
  • Reduce suspended solids

Ideal solution for:

  • Municipal potable water & wastewater
  • Industrial & Commercial process water
  • Livestock & irrigation
  • Aquaculture
  • Pre-filtration to RO system

Product Brochures, Labels & SDS's

ESP BROCHURE 2018 (pdf)


ESP In Agribusiness Brochure (pdf)


Sludge Solutions Brochure (pdf)


Ecofinity Filters Brochure (pdf)


EcoSystem Plus Label (pdf)


SDS EcoSystem Plus V7 (pdf)